10 Tips to more Likes on Facebook

So the facebook craze is here and your one of the millions of people trying to get people to like your page. You got some friends, some clients, and even some people you don’t know to like it, but you still want more! We know it can be tough and that trying to stand out can get over whelming and even frustrating. Don’t give up, hang in there and follow some of these tips to watch the number climb again.

1. Have you set your username? What is a username you ask? Go to your fan page on facebook and look at the URL in your browser. Does it say “pages” after facebook.com and before your company name? If it does then you are missing giant step in mankind. Facebook allows you to give your page a custom URL that they call a username. This username should be set to your company name so you can give people a direct link to go like your page. Learn how to set your username here

2. Have you told your friends about your fan page yet? There is multiple ways to let your friends know you have created a fan page. You can Share it on your wall, send them a request, but have you told them yet? Facebook lets you send a mass e-mail out to your friends to inform them of your new page. This feature is a little hidden secret but is a part of your fan page itself. It even will pull the contact info from many companies like AOL, Yahoo, and Mac. You can also upload a mass e-mail list in .CSV if you have one. Facebook will send out a request for them to come like your fan page. To use this feature you will need to go to your fan page and hit the Edit Page button. After that, you will then look on the left side of the screen and look for the resources section and click on it. In about the middle of the page you will see the “tell your fans” link and it will then walk you through a step-by-step process. QUICK TIP – Only hit the SEND button once! The page might act as if it is not sending your messages, but it really is. Simply wait a few moments and then exit that page.

3. Become a part of the conversation. Most people do not even know that their fan page can talk to people on other fan page posts. This is a great way to get your name out there and in front of new people. A fan page works just like your profile does, except you cannot post on normal profiles walls. So go out and like other companies fan pages that might be similar to yours. After you like these companies, you can comment on their posts and their fans will now see your company. If you posted something cool, they will click your name and then visit your fan page. If your page is as cool as your post, they will click the like button. This is a simple way to get more attention and build likes. It is all about being a part of the conversation. To see the updates of all of the pages you like simply click the facebook logo after you have switched over to your facebook page.

4. Don’t just sign up for a fan page. Building a fan page is just one part of the package, there are many ways to customize your page to represent yourself correctly. A popular way to increase your page likes is to build a custom landing page. This page is showed to all new users first when they visit your page. These pages typically have an arrow or call to action pointing at the like button telling them to like your page. These pages can do many of cool things like show pictures of your company, list information, and even show videos of how cool you are.

5. Simply having a fan pages will not bring you fans. You need to build your facebook presence into your daily marketing plan. How are your customers to know you have a fan page if you do not tell them somehow? We recommend putting a facebook logo and your custom facebook URL (tip 1) on every piece of marketing material you have from your business cards to the windows. This way people will see it and know they can find you on facebook. Click here to get a free facebook sign.

6. Facebook Ads. Facebook loves itself and helps you tremendously with getting likes through its ads program. Your fan page even suggests you buy ads all the time. By creating targeted ads, you can reach more people then you could imagine in just a few clicks. If you sell peanut butter you can show your add only to people who like peanut butter, if you sell dog food you can show your ads to people only interested in dogs. Their targeting is amazing and if you get good, you can get your click cost down to .25 cents per click.

7. Offer an incentive for liking your page. Many businesses with custom landing pages offer an incentive for liking their page. If you own a restaurant, you could give 10% off your next check, a free appetizer with the purchase of 2 entrees’, or a fee drink at the bar. There are many options and your fans will appreciate the offer. They will even come into your establishment and redeem it.

8. Add a Facebook Badge to your website. This is very easy to do and facebook will even write the code for you. Visit Facebook’s website plug ins page. Facebook Plug-ins

9. Post status updates that people actually want to see. Content is king and people only share good content. If my friends share content I am more likely to look at it. Use your status updates (posts) as a way to spread good information that people really care about. This will help your content get shared and in turn spread the word about you.

10. Make sure your profile image is legible. Your profile image is big when you see it from the fan page, but when everyone else views it in a post, search, shared content, or on the wall, it is really small. It is only 50px by 50px, which is smaller than an American penny, and if they can fit Lincolns head in a penny, we can fit your company logo in a 50px by 50px box. This image will help people identify you company immediately if they search, browse, or stumble upon you. Read more…


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