Meet The U.S. Senator With The Fastest Growing Facebook Fan Base

Meet The U.S. Senator With The Fastest Growing Facebook Fan Base.



Former presidential nominee and Arizona Senator John McCain (R) has the distinction of being the most popular senator on Facebook, with a fan base of more than 872,000.

But do you know who has the most Facebook fan momentum?

The senator with the big mo’ is Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has topped the list of most new fans for the past two weeks, with more than four times as many new fans added as the next five senators combined.

What’s the cause of the recent growth spurt?

The Senator has a fairly high national profile, appearing frequently on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” on Current TV.

The issues he cares about most are gaining broader attention. Senator Sanders has a reputation as a liberal firebrand and voice for the working man. With the Occupy Wall Street protests and jobs bill moving through Congress, the nation’s attention and his interests may be aligned.

Sanders boasts a fan total of more than 87,000, despite the population in Vermont only reaching 620,000.

Senator Sanders is the longest-serving independent in the U.S. Senate.

UPDATE:  We received the following statement from the Senator’s office.

“For the past three weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement has put a spotlight on issues that Bernie has cared about and spoken out about for a long time. He’s been saying for years that the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior of Wall Street plunged the country into the terrible recession. He’s talked about the growing income gap in America, the collapse of the middle class, the disappearance of millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs and increasing poverty.  Probably because of the demonstrations, more and more people have been interested in hearing what the senator thinks should be done about those and other issues and in sharing their views with him.